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Tombola is the biggest online bingo site in the UK boasting that seven million pound is won weekly across their games including bingo, roulette and many more. The site also prides itself on its friendly community across social media. But is it the best regarding bonuses? We find out!

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What welcome bonuses are available?

Tombola offers various welcome bingo bonuses. On approaching the site, the first one I’m shown is “£50 FREE – deposit £25 and play with £75” which I think is rather reasonable. £25 is a rather high amount to try the site out in comparison to other bingo sites, but seeing as the bonus is £50 (200% more than what you pay), it definitely seems worth it.

There is also a £5 free welcome Tombola Bingo bonus. This is also good because you don’t have to make a deposit or input any debit/credit card details to use this bonus. Vouchers for extra £5 bonuses can also be found in various monthly/weekly magazines, so keep a look out for more!

tombola bingo bonus offer

What games does Tombola Bingo have to offer?

Tombola Bingo has various bingo games including classics from the offline world including Bingo 90, Bingo 80 and Bingo 75. You will also find bingo games here including Cinco, Pulse and Bingo Roulette which you won’t find anywhere else on the web. This is good to mix things up! It’s not just bingo though, they also offer tombola roulette and even hamster racing!

other games at tombola bingo

What are their wagering requirements?

There aren’t any wagering requirements that you need to be aware of regarding either of the above Tombola Bingo Bonus. Although if you want to withdraw money, you do have to have at least £10 in your account before doing so.

Refer a friend

Another way to receive bonuses is to refer friends to play. Once you’ve referred a friend and they deposit £20, you will also receive £20! Then for every time that they win more than £20, you will receive £2. If they win £50+ you can get bonuses ranging from £10 – £50!

Is there anything else a player would need to know about these bonuses on Tombola Bingo?

You can use your bonus to play almost all of the games on Tombola Bingo apart from Hamster Race or tombola roulette. Also, you should be aware that you cannot withdraw your bonus money and if you were to close your account, any leftover bonuses will be forfeited.

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