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Are you looking to join a happy-go-lucky bingo room? Do you want to mingle with a vibrant community that feels fresh and enjoyable? Are you on the lookout for website offering exciting bonuses and promotions? Then you will find Sparkly Bingo a highly desirable option!

If you want to know more about this moderate sized but highly attractive online bingo room, this article will bring you up to date. Read through and learn all there is to know about Sparkly Bingo!

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Sparkly Bingo Overview

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting Sparkly Bingo is how everything hinges around the concept of having FUN! The website design looks fresh and colourful; all the games seem attractive and shimmering, with lots of cute graphics and enthusiastic sound effects. Something about this website just makes your adrenaline flow and really conveys a sense of vibrant enjoyment.

The games can be enjoyed on a desktop computer as well as any mobile device, and the available sign-up bonuses are very enticing, as you’ll see in the following section. There’s also a commendable referral program could turn out very profitable if you get some of your friends to sign up a new account.

How to deposit money at Sparkly Bingo

If you’re looking to find the available ways to send money to your Sparkly Bingo account, there are no less than four supported payment systems including the major credit cards VISA, MasterCard and Maestro, as well as PaySafeCard.

(In case you don’t know about it, PaySafeCard is the leading prepaid payment method that people are using to bridge the gap between their traditional bank accounts and their online payments. It allows sending money to your Sparkly Bingo account in the safest possible way, and it’s very simple to use and nullifies any chances of compromising your financial information).

Which Bingo games can you play there?

There are five types of Bingo games available at Sparkly Bingo: you can play a proper selection of bingo games, stick to the free bingo rooms, aim for the guaranteed jackpots, progressive jackpots, or aspire to the VIP rooms.

  • Bingo Games – there are many flavours to be experienced here, across three main styles: 90 ball bingo (the traditional Bingo game), 75 ball (a shorter game that allows for faster winnings) and 5 line bingo (the faster available bingo games, with allow for multiple winners per game).
  • Free Bingo – open to all players (both funded and non-funded), these bingo cards are absolutely free to play, but you can still earn some cash if lady fortune happens to glance your way!
  • Guaranteed Jackpots – Radiant Riches, Glitz’N’Glamour, Rough Diamonds, Golden Coins, Shiny Silver and Colourful Cash are some of the jackpots available at predetermined times all through the week.
  • Progressive jackpots – including Lucky 90 PJP, Highrise PJP, Diamond PJP, 5 Line PJP, and Cosmopolitan PJP.
  • VIP games – there are actually five tiers of VIP games, from Bronze through Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Enjoy multiple casino games asides from Bingo

Even though this website focuses on Bingo games, you will also find a selection of alternative casino games that you can enjoy anytime. Whenever you feel like having a change of pace, try Slots, Progressive slots, looking into the cute mini games or reach out for the instant thrills of scratch cards. If you want to test your skills you may also want to look into the available selection of table games.

What are the opportunities to play bingo for free?

Free bingo games are available to all players, regardless of whether they have made any deposits. These free bingo cards are absolutely fee to play and require jumping through no loops. Just create and account and you can start playing immediately!

Even though these games are free to play, there are daily prizes available for the most outstanding players.

Reaching out for customer support at Sparkly Bingo

Sparkly Bingo clearly takes customer support seriously, as they’re available through multiple channels. You can reach out to the support team by writing an e-mail as well as by phoning in, and you even get a live chat option that is usually quite responsive and effective.

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