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With the festive season on its way, it’s nice to have some extra budget to cover presents, whilst enjoying bingo games, with a great value welcome bonus – Sing Bingo Mobile has you covered!

The benefits of using an app on your mobile to play bingo are endless. With the portability of a smartphone, you can capture the fun of online bingo anywhere. But the cornerstone of a great experience with an app isn’t just the freedom of use, it needs functionality, and Sing Bingo mobile doesn’t fail here.

Keeping in the know

It’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the deals a gaming site might have on offer if you’re not given some sort of alert for these new deals as soon as they become available, but Sing Bingo’s app quickly removes this concern with its cleverly implemented ‘Today’s Highlights’ popup as you open the app. This effectively and clearly shows you any bonuses, deals or events being hosted on their service at any given time, giving you time to take advantage of any deal you please.

Sophisticated interface

We’re used to most apps adjusting a similar interface to their own style; keeping everything in a similar format to one another makes a user interface easier for someone to use, as they will be familiar with where things might be in the app. Sing Bingo’s app doesn’t fall short of this expectation, giving us a tab-based interface when met with the initial menus after signing up.

In my experience, I was quickly able to add my payment information and easily view all the relevant help I needed regarding deposits or withdrawals.

A whole host of great features

Aside from intuitive design, Sing Bingo provides a wide variety of game types and themes to games, which helps keep the familiar form of bingo lively and enjoyable for longer periods of gaming.

The lobby system in place shows the currently open games immediately, giving you the game type, the prize pool size, the time until the game begins, and the number of people partaking.

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Varied game types

Opening the games tab inside the app gives us an endless selection of differently themed game types and jackpots; featuring bingo, slot and many more game types. These can vary greatly to the main app as they are mostly third party games integrated into the app itself, however from some general usage they don’t vary in quality to the parent app, featuring a sleek user interface and general design.

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