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There’s a famous song that goes, “I wish it could be Christmas every day.” Well it can – with Season Bingo, where Santa dishes out the bonuses and jackpots all year round. With Season Bingo, you’re not a player or a user, you’re a “roomie” (room mate) because that’s the kind of friendly site it is. And when it comes to gifts, Santa gives away £20,000 every week. Luckily the bank lets him keep a printing press in reindeer land, so there’s always more where that came from, for lucky players.

Season Bingo hosts three kinds of great Bingo games – 90 ball, 75 ball and 5 line. So what’s the difference?

90, 75 or 5 – you choose

The 90 ball game is the classic that you probably played when you were young. You get a card with 15 numbers on it, which can be between 1 and 90. There are three kinds of win – Full House, 2 lines and 1 line. Full House is where you match all the numbers on your card. Fill one or two rows of numbers on your card as the numbers are called, and you’ll also win. A set of six tickets will contain the full set 1-90, whereas a single bingo card will have a selection.

75 ball bingo is a quicker and simpler game – you just have to be the first to match all the numbers on your card to the numbers being called. The first player to do this gets the prize. The card looks different because it has a pattern with a “free” central square – in other words it’s been completed for you. Because the prize money is concentrated on just one winner per game, prizes are bigger. This type of bingo has always been popular in the US.

5 line bingo is fast! It’s the quickest kind of bingo play. You have just 25 numbers and you have to cover the lines, vertically or horizontally. With fewer numbers and more lines there are many more chances of winning so this game always produces plenty of winners.

Free bingo games

Season Bingo talks about “funded” and “non-funded” roomies, ie those players who have deposited funds and those who haven’t . There are two great free games for everyone, whether they have money in their account or not. These are Free Ride and Fun and Free, with cash prizes every day – so if that’s not a gift, what is? All you have to do is sign up.

try the free bingo options at season bingo


You may well find a “Christmas in (name your month!)” promotion running! Christmas in August isn’t at all unlikely – as Season Bingo says, that’s when they do Christmas in Australia. So check out what’s happening each month. What’s nice about the promos on this site, is that you get both cash jackpots and actual gifts, and guess what – they’re appropriate to the season, if it’s summer.

Penny wise, pound Jackpot!

There’s a penny game three times a day with a £50.00 jackpot for each game. That’s right – it costs 1p to join. You see? There is a Santa!

And you’ll be dashing through that snow on Santa’s sleigh with the 5p and 10p sleigh ride games. There are twelve games a day and now the real big presents start getting delivered with £1,000 of cash in prizes! 5p and 10p games alternate on the hour.

With Gingerbread Gold, Merry Moolah, Wreath of Wealth, Bonus Bauble and Reindeer Riches, there’s always something going on, and the chance to win those jackpot gifts.

win one of the guaranteed jackpots

Diamonds are a roomie’s best friend

Reindeer Riches is slightly different in that it pays out in diamonds. What are they? Well, they help you progress through the Diamond VIP club. There are blue, bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels, depending on how much you’ve deposited and wagered.

You become a VIP as soon as you deposit money into your account, and for every pound you use as a wager on the site, you get one diamond. You can convert your diamonds into cards for games, bonus cash and deposit bonuses.

Let’s meet in the lobby

Season Bingo has always had a lively set of roomies chatting to each other, but the bingo lobby has had a major refurb. Of course, you can always use the classic layout if that’s what you prefer, but the new lobby is faster with much better Chat facilities – and boy do those roomies like to chat! This must be one of the most sociable sites on the web.

Santa’s live chat helpline

Season Bingo is one of the best for help and support. You can email, call their friendly team – or best of all, Live Chat with someone who can sort out your query. Use the Help button at top right to see your choices, plus How to Play and explanations of the different kinds of game.

With Season Bingo you’ll be “holly” engaged in the great play, and enjoying Santa’s gifts as he jingles on his way.

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