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Rio Bingo hosts an accessible service for online gambling. In order to make this service as accessible as possible, the site also caters for a variety of different payment options allowing you to play on the site. There is a limit on the number of payment options available at one time on one account – a maximum of 5 different payment options are allowed, giving you plenty of space to accommodate for various payment options you might require.

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Phone payments

The site offers a dedicated telephone line for queries into payment whilst also offering this as a phone banking solution, meaning you can quickly deposit cash over the phone using your bank accounts phone banking pin. This kind of service is usually very quick, and therefore gives you a fast solution for depositing money directly from your bank to Rio Bingo.


PayPal is a widely used service for online payments, and Rio Bingo supports payment from the platform in all applicable currencies. Alongside its buyers protection services this payment option gives you comfort in your spending and flexibility in deposit amounts.

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Debit and credit cards

Debit cards are a popular choice in Rio Bingo payment options for any type of daily payment. Listed as the quickest of Rio Bingo payment options, Visa debit and Maestro debit cards are accepted and can be used for both withdrawal of winnings on the site, with a minimum boundary of £5 on both withdrawing and depositing. The site also offers the same support for credit cards.

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If security is an issue, the site allows the use of Paysafecard, a service where a prepaid card is purchased by a player for a predefined credit amount. This is then paid into an account using the unique code associated with the card. This option is quick, and can be a safer option if you’ve not used the site before, however can be cumbersome when dealing with larger deposits as multiple cards might be required.

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Support for NETeller is available – giving you a solution similar to paying by phone only through an online wallet. This can be used for various amounts, and uses the NETeller service when dealing for your information providing a more secure option.

play bingo for real with neteller
Making the right choice

With a minimum deposit of £5 across all these options, the site offers enough variety for any form of payment into your account. The best option here from my own experience is PayPal, due to the reputability of the company, and their buyers protection service giving you third party support on payments.

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