What is RedBus Bingo?

RedBus Bingo is one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent new websites offering games of chance with cash prizes for the winners. Located at redbusbingo.com, RedBus Bingo offers new and experienced players alike the chance to compete against each other (or a computer) for jackpots both large and modest. The site places a certain emphasis on affordability, attracting regular people looking to play for fun, a light-hearted atmosphere, and a strong sense of community.

RedBus specialises in multiplayer bingo while offering other attractions. It is offered exclusively to online players over the age of eighteen on a fully licensed and regulated basis. RedBus Bingo is aimed first and foremost at casual, fun-seeking players who are registered permanent residents of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. Check your local laws before registering.

How does RedBus Bingo Work?

RedBus Bingo operates on a ticketed system. Once they’ve signed up, users simply purchase a set number of paid tickets for the game(s) they wish to partake in using their pre-deposited (or credited) funds. The cost of these tickets varies depending on the type of game. Some can be as cheap as one pence. Each of these tickets will typically allow the user a preset period in which to play, although it is mostly unrestricted as to when they are used. One ticket typically means one go at daubing a bingo sheet.

What Types of Games are Offered at RedBus Bingo?

The games offered on the site are fairly similar to those you would expect to find in a traditional British seafront casino. As the name would imply, playing bingo is the principal focus of the site. But as well as hosting a vast range of competitive online bingo calling rooms, RedBus Bingo also offers a range of single player “instant win” and selected bet games of chance. Special versions of the regular games are also periodically made available at RedBus. Ticketed grand jackpots for certain games and themed game room “tours” are offered regularly, albeit on a limited time basis.

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How do I Deposit Money at RedBus Bingo?

Depositing money with which to play is simple at RedBus. Once you have signed up with RedBus for a site account, you can purchase cash credit with which to buy tickets with your bank account. You will require a credit or debit card (or a bank account that supports linking to an intermediate payment service such as PayPal) to do this. Once RedBus have received the requested sum, the money should appear on your account for you to use. A minimum of £20 total deposited is needed before any won money can be withdrawn back to your account.

RedBus Bingo fully supports PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro alongside a good number of smaller financial brands. It is worth checking on the website of your bank or card operator beforehand as to whether your account can be used with RedBus, however. Certain providers may not allow deposits or transfers to online gambling sites such as RedBus for either security reasons or specific business concerns.

What Types of Bingo does RedBus Bingo Offer?

RedBus Bingo offers the chance to play most classic British variants of bingo against other players online in real-time. The games rely on exactly the same system of daubing out your numbers as they are called and then calling out to claim victory that you would commonly find in any real world bingo hall.

75 and 90 Ball bingo are the main attractions at RedBus. Each type varies slightly from the other. The objective of 75 Ball is to complete set shapes or claim a full house on a randomised card before anyone else to win specific prizes. 90 Ball focuses more on completing lines. Both offer cash rewards for completing these minor and major challenges. The set prizes for each can vary greatly, however. This largely depends on whether your purchased ticket is for a special bingo jackpot or not.

Five Line (or Swedish Bingo) is also offered as a fast paced variant on 90 Ball. There are also special accumulators called Progressive Jackpots such as the “London Eye” or “Double Decker” that can be claimed by the lucky few who clear their card completely in less than a site set number of bingo calls. RedBus also offers a Pre-Buy system for use. This is a variant system for all games in which pre-purchased bingo cards are played and daubed automatically by computer whilst the purchaser is elsewhere.

What Casino Games does RedBus Bingo Offer?

There is also a decent selection of single player casino attractions available at RedBus, with no separate account needed to play. Roulette is offered in two main forms, La Partage (traditional French casino roulette) and Wheel of Lights. Themed scratch cards and slot machines such as Paradise Reels are also popular. These work much like digital versions of any similar game that you would expect to find in a newsagent or pub.

A good selection of different variants are available, with three and five reel digital slot machines available for use. Most games work on a one purchased ticket, one spin basis. Some games, particularly the roulette variants, offer the player substantially more choice than bingo when it comes to picking a precise bet.

Can I Play for Free at RedBus Bingo?

Most games on the site require payment of some kind. However, registered users receive a £25 deposit bonus on joining and depositing £10 or more. The Free Ride bingo promotion does also offer free tickets for select games and jackpots. Certain Free Ride tickets are made available at RedBus on a time limited, strictly conditional basis for registered players to claim. Penny Bingo also offers RedBus users a chance to play bingo for a much lower cost without access to any of the larger jackpots.


If you require help or support from RedBus Bingo there are a number of options. Please contact support@redbusbingo.com, phone 0800 279 6213 (UK only), or read the FAQ section of the RedBus website at redbusbingo.com/faq/.