When playing bingo online, deposits made by credit card are one of the most popular options, because credit cards are accepted by almost all online bingo providers. In particular, most sites will accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, while many others will accept VisaDelta, Maestro, Solo and Switch.

Credit card bingo deposits are quick, easy and completely safe, as long as the bingo provider in question takes the necessary steps to guarantee security, such as by using encryption and firewall technology.

play bingo for real with credit card

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

Although the minimum credit card bingo deposit may vary between online providers, the most common minimum deposit is £5. However, some other sites have a minimum deposit of £10 and this is usually the amount needed to qualify for many online bingo bonus offers.

Similarly, when using this method, withdrawals are usually issued back to the credit card. On most bingo sites, the minimum withdrawal is £10, although other common minimum withdrawals are £5, £20 and £30.

Why You Should Use This Method

For most online bingo players, credit cards represent the most convenient method for depositing and withdrawing funds. In most cases, once your card details have been entered, they will be securely stored on the site’s servers, making it extremely quick and easy to make a new deposit.

Paying with a credit card is safe, secure and offers additional consumer protections, when compared to some other payment methods. Card details can also be easily updated or changed.

Disadvantages of Credit Cards

There are relatively few disadvantages associated with credit card bingo deposits. Nevertheless, one possible disadvantage is the need to update or change credit card details on the site when you are issued a new card. Withdrawals can also take up to seven business days, which is slower than some other methods.

Furthermore, deposits will show up on bank statements, often with the name of the bingo provider, which may not suit all bingo players. This is not necessarily the case with some other payment options, such as PayPal.

Complete List of Pros and Cons
  • Fast, easy and secure to use
  • Accepted by almost all bingo providers
  • Protection against misconduct
  • Card details need to be kept up-to-date
  • Payments will appear on bank statement
  • Slower withdrawals than some methods