Little Miss Bingo is a site that has received critical acclaim from almost every bingo review site. The site is operated by Mandalay Media Ltd based in the Isle Of Man. It is aimed primarily at females and offers bingo, slots and other games.

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Bonuses and Special Offers

Little Miss Bingo offers a £20 sign up bonus to new users. To be eligible, you need to register with a valid email address, and for security reasons, a valid debit or credit card. You do not need to deposit any money to be eligible for the £20 sign up bonus, the bonus is applied to your account automatically upon registration.

New users are eligible for a bonus on their first deposit into their account. A 300% deposit bonus is available on the first deposit. This is available on all deposits of between £5 – £500, giving up to £2,000 bonus. The deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn from your account until it has been wagered by at least 4 times its value. Any winnings after this can then be withdrawn. The deposit bonus can be used in conjunction with the £20 sign up bonus.

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Depositing Money

Little Miss Bingo accepts a wide range of deposit methods that makes it easy for users to fund their accounts.

  • PaySafe allows users to buy vouchers from thousands of retailers both in the UK and internationally, and use the voucher to fund their account. This method is ideal for users who do not want to register their debit or credit card details online.
  • Instant and convenient account top ups can be done by registering your debit or credit card for a rapid and secure deposit that gives you immediate access to the money to play with.
  • Skrill is a virtual e-wallet that can be used throughout Europe allowing you to perform transactions safely and securely.
  • PayPal, Boku and Neteller are also accepted deposit methods on Little Miss Bingo.
depositing money is easy at little miss bingo

Bingo Games Offered

Little Miss Bingo offers a range of bingo games.

90 ball bingo is the traditional bingo game. Cards cost from as little as 1p. Each card has three rows of 5 numbers between 1 – 90. There are three opportunities to win with 90 ball bingo. One line involves marking off all your numbers on one horizontal line using the numbers called. 2 lines involves marking off any two horizontal lines on the card, and a full house involves crossing out all of the numbers of your card using the numbers called.

80 ball bingo involves a game card in grid formation with 16 numbers per card. There are various methods of winning in 80 ball bingo. Anything from a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, covering a set pattern, or achieving a full house.

75 ball bingo is a faster game than 90 ball bingo, and is ideal for users who require quicker games with more chance of winning big. There is only one opportunity to win per 75 ball game, but the prize money can be higher than that with 90 ball bingo for this reason.

30 ball bingo is also known as speed bingo. This is ideal for players who want to play rapid games, which in turn increases their chances of winning a progressive jackpot. Each card has 9 random numbers from 1- 30, and the winner is the player who crosses out all of the numbers on their card first using the numbers that are called.

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Other Games Offered

Little Miss Bingo offers a number of other games alongside bingo. Many of these can be played simultaneously with the bingo, so you do not need to leave the bingo lobby to play them. They offer instant wins, with any winnings being paid immediately into your account.

    • Slot machines allow you to select your stake and spin the reels for the chance to win prize money or progressive jackpots.
    • Scratch cards allow you to choose your stake and purchase a card. Scratching the card reveals random symbols. You need to match three identical symbols to win.
    • For the thrill of the casino there are a number of casino style games. Blackjack, Keno and Roulette can be played alongside the bingo game.

Free Bingo

There are 5 games per hour of free bingo on Little Miss Bingo. These games are only available for users who have previously deposited money into their account. Logging in to the free bingo room gives users 10 free cards to play with two opportunities per game to win cash prizes.

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Customer Support

For non urgent comments or questions, Little Miss Bingo has a contact form on their website where you can enter your details and a customer support adviser will get back to you within one hour of submitting your query. Alternatively, there is a live chat function that is available with a link to live chat available on every page of the website.

you can request live help at little miss bingo if you experience any problems