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Kingdom of Bingo is a site that offers bingo games from as little as 1p per game. You can play for free and win real cash in their dedicated free bingo games. They are operated by Mandalay Media Ltd who are based in the Isle of Man. The site has a medieval theme with Princess Penny, Lance-Slots and a Jester’s jackpot.

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Depositing Money

Upon registration as a new user, debit or credit card details can be entered, allowing you to make rapid deposits directly into your account. The money is able to be used immediately after deposit. There is a dedicated phone line that you can ring and give your banking details and how much you wish to deposit for a fast and secure transaction. Money can also be wired into your account in different currencies.

Bingo Games on Offer

There are three different bingo games on offer at Kingdom of Bingo.

  • 90 ball bingo is the traditional bingo with balls numbered 1 – 90. There are three opportunities to win, with one line being one horizontal line being covered on your card with the numbers called, two lines being any two horizontal lines covered, and a full house being all the numbers covered on your card from the numbers called.
  • 75 ball bingo is faster than 90 ball bingo and is ideal for players who want a quicker game with more opportunity to win. There is one opportunity to win in 75 ball bingo. Although there are less chances to win, the prize money tends to be larger.
  • 5 line bingo uses a card that is the same as 75 ball bingo. There are 25 numbers on the card and you have 5 chances of winning. To win you need to cover 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines etc.
Other Games Offered

Kingdom of Bingo offers other games alongside bingo.

  • Slots allows you to choose your stake and spin the slot machines for a chance to win.
  • Progressive jackpot slots have a bigger jackpot than the regular slots, with up to £30,000 jackpots available.
  • Mini games can be played alongside bingo. Whilst you are waiting for a new game to start or waiting for numbers to be called, you can play mini games that give you the opportunity for an instant win.
  • Scratch cards can be played alongside bingo. Choose your stake and scratch the card to reveal symbols. Three identical symbols results in an instant win.
  • For the thrill of the casino whilst playing bingo, there is the option of playing table games. European roulette can be played whilst you are waiting for a new bingo game to start, giving you the opportunity to win big with instant payouts.

Free Bingo

There are three options to play free bingo on Kingdom of Bingo. There are 90 ball games that allow every user to play free bingo for real cash prizes. You do not need to have entered card details, or to have deposited any money to be able to play the free bingo.

play the free bingo at kingdom of bingo
  • Free 75 ball bingo is available to all players, both funded and unfunded.
  • There is also 90 ball free bingo that is available only to players who have deposited money into their accounts. All the bingo games are free to play and offer the opportunity to win cash prizes.
Customer support

For non-urgent questions or queries, there is an email address you can write to. Customer support representatives can also be contacted by phone on a phone number that is free to call from UK landlines and mobiles. There is a different number for calls that are coming from outside of the UK.

There is also the option to chat live with a community moderator. When you enter a bingo or game lobby, there will be a live chat room where you can chat to other users and community moderators. Leaving your question or query on the wall of the live chat room will result in a community moderator picking it up and chatting live.

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