Whether it’s classic 50-line bingo or 90-line games with higher odds, things get much more interesting and exciting when you can play for free. For newbies and established players alike, knowing the free bingo schedule at various sites can mean the difference between occasional prizes and regular success. We’ve laid out some of most common rounds to look out for when scouring free bingo schedule options online.

Fee For All Bingo Rounds

Contrary to popular belief, some things in life are free. Many websites do offer rounds that are free for everyone, regardless of how long you’ve been playing as a member of any given website or how much you’ve deposited in a given window of time. Some bingo websites may also offer a free bingo room for all players, but expect much shorter windows of opportunity and relatively small prizes and returns.

Welcome Bonuses

New players have their own delights to look forward to when it comes to free bingo games. These free bingo rooms are a great way of acclimatising to play at a particular venue, while of course giving you the chance to play for nothing. Most bingo websites offer newbies the chance to play for free, although these are usually quite short-term and you’ll only have the privilege for up to 7 days after registering with an online bingo provider.

Free Play Throughout the Day

If you’re not that flexible with time, look for a free bingo schedule that stretches throughout the day. Some websites offer free bingo rounds hourly or every hour, giving you much more opportunity to join in. However, for the privilege of playing in these rooms, you’ll usually need to have made a minimum deposit within the last 24 hours or several days.

VIP Schemes

If you’re a high roller when it comes to online bingo, you can expect to see some lucrative options when it comes to free bingo rounds. Many of the biggest operators offer their most loyal customers the chance to play for free, with special rooms and rounds to cater to individual tiers of VIP player. The higher you rank, the more chance you have to earn some serious cash for free. However, wagering restrictions tend to apply.

Rewards for Depositing

Any casino operator serious about retaining customers understands the need to reward players. At the biggest websites, you can qualify for free rounds and lines on bingo every time you make a deposit. Free rounds can apply to any sized deposit at certain places, while at other destinations, you’ll be expected to pay a minimum into your account as a deposit in order to qualify.

Jackpot Bonuses

Certain operators promote free rooms and rounds dishing out jackpot wins. Depending on where you play, the jackpot offered can vary from small change to serious sums, but almost all sites will need you to have made a recent cash deposit to qualify, in addition to having made a minimum overall deposit since you first registered with the site.

Daily Deposit Reload Bonuses

Many of the most established bingo operators will run daily promotions for free rounds for players. Whether it’s a Magic Monday or Fantastic Friday, these free bingo rounds are a great way of earning some free cash for nothing. Bear in mind though, these fall into loyalty scheme status and generally have restrictions applied. Check to see whether you need to fall under a certain VIP category to qualify for entry and look to see whether you need to have made a recent deposit.

Weekly and Daily Promotions

Daily and weekly giveaways are commonplace with the biggest bingo operators so look for these if you’re a regular player. Bear in mind these rounds are often short, packed with other players and timed for specific windows. Also, the giveaway rewards associated with them tend to pay out prizes as bonus credit, which itself has wagering restrictions applied.

No matter where you play, you can always count on form of free bingo schedule. If you’re simply looking to join in for the thrill of playing, you’re spoilt for choice, but if you’re looking to make some real winnings, you’ll want to consider your options much more meticulously.