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The best ever range of bingo and slot games set against a novelty landscape with a farmyard theme. There is a generous array of free games, bonuses and guaranteed jackpot prizes throughout the week, plus penny bingo games which have a guaranteed prize of £50. Available in a format specially designed for smart phones and tablets, fun-filled gaming is quick, convenient and accessible 24 hours every day, wherever you happen to be.

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Free Games

There is a huge choice of free games available to play 24 hours a day, every day, in your favourite farmyard scenery. A new game starts every 2 minutes with handy cash prizes of £1, £2, £15 and £20. Totally free Nest Egg is in action every Sunday at 9pm with an amazing prize of £5,000. For those who have already made their first deposit, there are also free bonus games to play.

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During the week, in regular evening slots at 9pm are the popular Farmyard Bingo mobile jackpot games which all have temptingly large, guaranteed prizes. Start the week with Cash Cow, held every Monday and win £2,500, or Woolly Wonga on Saturdays where a card priced at just 5p could net a £500 prize. And don’t forget the Sunday favourite Nest Egg, which is entirely free to play and has a guaranteed jackpot of £5,000.

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Farmyard Bingo mobile games offer a variety of options. Oink Oink, a 90 ball free game for 15 players has a prize of £15. Free Loader, free for those who have made a deposit, is a 90 ball game for 100 players with a £20 prize. Free Range, a 75 ball game is for 218 players and a £1 jackpot. Milkin’ It has a jackpot of £2 waiting for one of the 203 players.

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