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What is Costa Bingo?
Costa Bingo, located at, is a premier online bingo hall operator and a gambling website.

Costa Bingo is run by Cassava Enterprises and 888 UK, based in Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. Costa Bingo is offered exclusively for bingo players in Britain and Northern Ireland over the age of 18. Costa Bingo does not accept players from the United States. Local restrictions, ordinances, and laws apply.

Costa claim that they are currently one of the largest bingo communities on the internet. They offer over 50 active rooms and pay out more than £500,000 in prizes, monthly. Costa Bingo offers the chance for registered users to play both free and “funded” bingo (where pre-funded money is staked). Tournaments, loyalty and reward schemes, and special promotions are all available at Costa. As well as this, Costa also offers a wide variety of traditional casino and pub games.

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What Bingo Games does Costa Currently Offer?

Costa offers five main varieties of online Bingo. In these, users mainly compete against each other to complete and call certain daubed patterns for cash prizes. 90 and 75 Ball traditional variations are the biggest attractions. These games are played with a card of 15 or 24 numbers for either a share or all of a room-based cash prize jackpot. This jackpot will roll over and accumulate across multiple games if there are no winning calls.

How will I be Charged by Costa Bingo?

There is no room buy-in, but you will be charged per ticket or strip played. Prices vary room by room and mode by mode. Any money that you stake by buying a ticket or strip will be subtracted from your pre-arranged Costa Bingo account deposit. Prices per ticket start at 1p, but are typically either 5 or 10p.

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Are There any Alternatives at Costa to 75 and 90 Ball Bingo?

Bingo Vegas is the other major type of bingo offered by Costa. In this simplified and sped-up game, a standard deck of 52 playing cards and a ticket of just 5 “winning hand” cards is used to play. Costa also offers slight variations on a theme with “More Winners” (75 Ball with no free squares and more winning patterns) and a progressive jackpot bingo (in which there is a rollover prize for multiple calls on sequential 75 and 90 Ball tickets).

Are There any Free Bingo Games Offered by Costa?

Yes. Costa offers one free mode, named Free Bingo. Three bingo rooms are available in this mode. Free Bingo is meant to be “just for fun”. It is intended for players who wish to enjoy the games and community at Costa Bingo without staking their own money or competing for prizes. You will still need to register with Costa to play Free Bingo, but no cash deposits or ticket purchases are required. There are some drawbacks, as Free Bingo subsequently rarely offers cash prizes.

What Bonuses and Special Offers are Available at Costa?

Costa offers a vast number of promotional schemes that typically tie-in to specific games of 75 and 90 Ball Bingo. Select bingo games, sometimes run with higher ticket prices, will often offer enhanced jackpots of up to around £10,000 at peak times such as Saturday evenings. There is also the lucky dip mode, which can set jackpots beyond the normal limits for bingo games. Special Gift Box games are also available as a reward for players who stake their own cash for tickets. Up to nine Gift Box games are granted to paying users per day. Additionally, some competitive games allow for unique grand prizes such as UK supermarket vouchers.

Are There any Other Reward Schemes at Costa?
Costa does offer a number of special rewards based on cash deposit amounts. There are deposit bonuses available for players making a first, second, and a third time deposit of cash. Similarly, there is also the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club represents Costa’s VIP reward scheme. Rewards, such as bonus cashback, are offered for all total lifetime account deposits at Costa exceeding £49. The Diamond Club operates on a tiered basis, offering bigger rewards for larger deposits.

What Games Other than Bingo are Offered?

Slots make up the bulk of the other, single player games offered at Costa. These resemble traditional pub slot machines in that they offer a variety of themed luck-based games, based on 3 and 5 bar spinning reels. There are also a number of pub quiz machines offered by Costa that are mostly based around the formats of popular British TV shows, such as Deal or No Deal. Standard variants of roulette, blackjack, and digital scratchcards are also available. As always, various amounts of pre-deposited money can be staked, won, and lost on all games of chance (aside from Free Bingo).

How do I Deposit Money at Costa Bingo?

Depositing money at Costa is simple. It is done via clicking on “Deposit Funds” in the “My Account” section of, available once you have registered and logged in to Costa. The Aquapay Cashier system allows for direct deposits from approved Visa, Maestro, Paysafe, and Mastercard debit or credit card bank accounts. Despite this, there may be restrictions on certain cards and withdrawals. Certain banks do not allow their cards to be used for gambling for security or corporate policy reasons. Regardless, upon signing up at Costa all players will automatically receive £5 starting cash credit. However, you may still need to make an initial cash deposit to play some games.

Support for any Issues
Please contact 0808 238 9881 (paid, UK only) or email for help and advice with using Costa Bingo or to discuss any related matters.

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