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Bingola is closed

From 28 February 2018 Bingola is closed. We recommend to Join Bingocams to play online bingo.

Bingola‘s mobile version was launched alongside its main site back in 2014. The years following have seen improvements across the gaming industry in general, and playing bingo online has become so popular that the biggest names in the business are offering various themes, including extra games you’d usually find in casino environments – all designed to be accessed anywhere, on any device, on any platform. Let’s see if Bingola mobile has kept up.

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What makes Bingola mobile: app or browser?

You don’t need to download anything to start playing. Type in the web address into your browser and you’re off. It will automatically load the mobile version. Chrome is the recommended, but it will load on most others too. Powered by Flash, it’s designed to fit any mobile screen size. The fairground animation effects are really good and pull you into the game. Use the main site for checking out the promotions and small print.

Any restrictions to using the Bingola mobile version?

You can play 75 and 90-ball bingo, plus play slots and a few other games, many for free at Bingola. Just swipe through the options. You’ll find familiar one’s like Magic Portals, and being in the 888 family of deep pockets, there’s some unique to Bingola’s fairground attractions too. Just tap the cherry icon at the bottom of your screen to access them.

Cash, chat and everything else

You can access all parts of your account using the mobile version. Everything has an icon: chat, deposit cash (naturally), and withdrawal requests, etc. So once you’re familiar with them, navigating via your phone or tablet’s browser is no problem. Regarding which way you can hold your device, it depends on what you’re playing, and it will prompt you if it’s in the wrong position. Slots use landscape, login uses portrait; you’ll get the hang of it.

enjoy the thrills and joys at bingola
What are the benefits of mobile bingo?

Nowadays, we all expect our mobile devices to access everything it’s designed to; shop online, stream movies and our favourite TV shows, play games we can’t live without. If you love the online bingo, it’s a great way to pass a lunch break and avoid shop talk, and you could take it on the road for weekends away. Definitely much more convenient than hauling a laptop, and it’s handy entertainment on the go. Bingola mobile makes the grade.

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