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bingocamsIf you enjoy playing bingo but your local bingo hall has closed, then you might well be thinking about trying an online bingo website. Bingocams Mobile is a website designed to be accessed from mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, including iPads. This means that online bingo is accessible to everyone who has a mobile phone, not just people who have computers at home.

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Visiting Bingocams Online

If you’ve decided to give Bingocams a go then type into your mobile device’s address bar, or use a search engine to find the site. Be careful when typing though, as autocorrect will try its best to change Bingocams to bingo wings, not something any of us want to think about!

Designed for Mobile Devices

As you are using a mobile device, you will automatically be taken to the mobile friendly site This should mean that the site won’t expect too much from your device and will run smoothly. Some non mobile sites might not run properly on a phone or tablet, as they are designed for PCs or laptops, that tend to have more memory and higher visual capabilities. You can avoid going through the frustration of signing up, then finding you can’t really make the site work on your phone, by choosing a mobile friendly website like Bingocams mobile.

Opening an Account on Bingocams Mobile

Once you’ve decided to give online bingo a go, then you will need to first create an account. Once you’ve entered your details, such as name, address, date of birth and phone number, then click Play Bingo to go to the games. You can then choose a bingo room to play in, most of the rooms have chat hosts who help everyone get along and provide a welcome for new players.

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Making a Deposit

If this has convinced you that you want to play for real, then you can make a deposit. It is usually best to deposit with a debit card, as gambling transactions on a credit card will most likely incur charges as if you had withdrawn cash directly. Bingocams mobile regularly have offers to double, treble or more, your first deposit. This means that you will have more cash to play with, but you might not be able to withdraw any winnings until you have played through a certain amount of money. Check out the terms and conditions on the website to see exactly what rules you would need to follow to make accepting the bonus worthwhile.

Playing Other Games on Bingocams

Like many bingo websites, Bingocams mobile also has other fun games to play on its website. Many of these are like the slot machines that you might have played in real life, whilst waiting for the next bingo game to start. They are shown under the heading ‘Casino Games’ on the Bingocams website but most of them have fun themes such as South Park, Games of Thrones, flowers, Pinocchio – there is bound to be one that appeals to you. Select your game, then select how many lines you want to play, the spin the reels and keep your fingers crossed for a win. There are also versions of some of the popular casino games like Blackjack and Roulette.

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