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About BingoCams
BingoCams is an online bingo website that allows its players to connect via webcam. It was launched in 2011, and it allows their players to meet, chat and interact while playing games. It also features well trained and well-trained chat hosts and moderators whose job is to ensure that the platform stays safe and is not misused in any way.

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If the player goes ahead and makes a £10 deposit, they receive £30 free which works out to a 300% deposit bonus. This is limited up to £150. BingoCams will also give a 50% reload bonus of up to £125 on further deposits. BingoCams also has a live win moment where they use the player’s moment of celebration captured on their webcam for promotional purposes. The player is in return awarded a 15% bonus.

The Games

BingoCams has several games including Daily Dosh that has a £100 Jackpot, Lucky Devil 75 that guarantees £50 and penny bingo in the Penny Arcade. When playing in the Status based free rooms, Cash Corner or the Freebie Fiesta, one has over £500 cash up for grabs. There is also the Room Jackpot that is run in the Blink XXL Bubblegum Jackpot, Bingbling, Millionaire and Newbie Rooms. Then there is the Big Bang Jackpot that offers the biggest prize that begins at £10000.

Choosing BingoCams Rooms and Buying Cards

Once a player is logged in, they have the options to select the bingocams room they wish to play in, and they are provided with information about the room, the number of people in the room and the cost of a card in each room. After selecting the room, the player then has to select and buy cards for the next round. The player will need to sufficient balance in their balance meter or bonus meter.

Playing and Winning

Players can customize their profile to play in the several options that are provided. The always sort cards option allows for the cards to sorted automatically with the cards that have the highest chance of winning being more conspicuous. The always display hints does just that, display hints to certain buttons. The deny private chat option blocks chat requests from fellow players. There is an option to block broadcasting the player’s webcam after they win.

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