All ads and promotions mentoined in this article are for 18+ players only and under current conditions of the T&Cs. Click here to consult the T&Cs was founded in 2011 and is one of the only gaming sites within the United Kingdom which offers players the ability to interact via webcams within chat rooms while they are enjoying a game of bingo. As with many portals, there are a number of payout variables to take into account. Let us examine a handful of the most relevant rules that players need to be aware of.


Payout Percentages

The payout percentages offered at Bingocams will vary depending upon the game being played. From a very general point of view, these figures fall between 50 per cent and over 100 per cent. For example, the rate associated with 1H All-American Bingo is (currently) 98.11 per cent. It is wise to refer to the payout page to discover rates for different games, as these may change from time to time.

Withdrawing Funds

Players can immediately withdraw funds when their balance is in excess of £10 pounds. Please note that money can only be withdrawn from the “balance” meter. The “bonus” meter is not associated with transfers between accounts. After one has logged into his or her account, they will need to navigate to the “My Account” section and choose the “Withdraw Funds” option. They can then proceed with the transfer.

Processing and Transfer Times

Due to privacy and money laundering concerns, any requested withdrawals will be only be sent by the same method that was utilised to make a deposit. For instance, those who employ Skrill as their online transfer service will receive any payment directly into this account. In the event that a specific account is not available, Bingocams will make a payment via a bank transfer or through eWallet (assuming that one has signed up for an account). In general, transfer times range between three and five business days. Those using eWallet may enjoy quicker times of between two and four days.

Editing Payout Details

There may be times when a player wishes to modify his or her existing details. This can be accomplished by navigating to the “Edit Details” screen. From here, any data such as a bank account number can be changed. Once the modifications are made and saved, the payout methods will reflect these adjustments. Under certain circumstances, Bingocams has the right to ask for additional details such as one’s passport or a copy of an active credit card.

Reminder. All ads and promotions mentoined in this article are for 18+ players only and under current conditions of the T&Cs. Read the T&Cs | Contact