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Bingo can be traced as far back as 1530 to an Italian lottery. This lottery, known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, was and still is played every Saturday in Italy. In 1770, the game found its way to France where it was known as Le Lotto, and so began its journey throughout many countries in the world.

Bingo is a game of chance that can be played by a large number of persons. In Las Vegas, there are halls that seat a large number of people, and in them, bingo is played. However, bingo is not played only for money. Adults and kids can play the game for fun as is seen in many of the homes for elderly.

This article will discuss how you can play bingo with kids at home in a fun and simple way.

The Rules in Bingo

Bingo is basically a game of luck. First, you buy a card or in the case of kids, you distribute cards to them. Each card is fitted with squares, 5 by 5 grid for adults and 3 by 3 for kids. Where the card is fitted with 5 by 5 squares, the top of the card has the letters BINGO written, each with a square assigned to it.

After buying the card, the player sits down as the caller calls out numbers that he or she has chosen randomly. The player has to look through his or her column and confirm whether his or her numbers match with those that are being called out. As soon as the caller calls out a number, each player crosses it off their card.

If all the numbers in a column match, the player calls out bingo, as he has won that round. The caller then begins another round of the game. However, the rules vary depending on the hall the game is being held at. For kids, the same rules apply, however, only 3 numbers need to match.

There are two types of bingo; pattern or line. Line bingo is as explained above where a player wins if the numbers in either a horizontal or vertical line match. For pattern bingo, the player wins only when the numbers match a certain predetermined pattern. When playing bingo with kids, you can use fun and educative patterns like letters and images. For younger kids, however, line bingo is preferable as they understand it much easier.

Bingo Game with 20 Balls

This is the best choice for kids as it is the easiest to understand. Print cards that are fitted with 3 by 3 squares and fitted with random numbers are used. You will also be required to print random numbers between 1 and 20 to use when calling out.

Let the kids pick out their cards then proceed to sit down. Once each kid has gotten a card, you can begin the game. Ensure that the kids understand that they can call bingo only when their numbers match the line or the pattern that was predetermined.

Randomly pick out a number from the ones you printed then call it out. Ask the kids to cross out the number if it is on their card. Continue calling out numbers until one of them calls out bingo. If the numbers on their card is a match, he or she wins and you can proceed to start another round.

To make it more interesting for the kids, print colorful cards with a variety of colors from which the kids can choose, but ensure that the numbers are random. Moreover, the prizes you choose should be exciting for them. A game with 20 balls is best played with kids who are very young as it requires very little understanding.

bingo cards for kids 1 to 20

Printing the Cards

When printing the cards, the first step involves selecting the color you prefer. The choice of colors includes dark blue, orange, red, violet, blue and green, but you can also print the cards in black and white.

On the website, the control panel gives you the option to create a new card or make changes on the pattern of numbers. Before printing, ensure that the printer settings are set right otherwise, the cards will not print properly. Use an A4 paper and ensure that the printer has the standard upright orientation.

Bingo is a good game for kids as it helps them understand numbers or letters in the case of pattern bingo. A game of 20 balls will ensure that they have fun and learn in the process. It is also short enough to ensure that they don’t get bored in the process. Print your bingo cards today and have fun with the kids.

how to print a 20 ball bingo card