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The 50 ball bingo game

If you’ve heard about 50-ball, then you’ll know it’s one of the newest types of bingo, and that people are going totally mad over it! We think it’s pretty cool too, so we were keen for you to get your hands on everything you could possibly need to play a game at home, online or offline. We’ve organised you these awesome bingo cards, a caller with a nice accent, and some information to get you started.

Playing 50-ball bingo

It’s a great variant to play because it’s the adrenalin junkie version of bingo. Once associated with bored housewives and the elderly (who enjoy a long session of 90-ball), this newest version is a 90/75-ball hybrid for a new generation. It’s lively. The other varieties are fun too, but with a lot less balls in play and two chances to win 50-ball is edge of your seat stuff, you’ll love it.

free bingo cards to print for 50 ball bingo

How to win

Like any other bingo game, winning requires a lot of Lady Luck and for your eye to be on the ball. The caller will announce each of the numbers until either someone shouts bingo or all 50 balls have been called. To be a winner, you need to get all the numbers on one line or the whole card (a full house). But the 50-ball bingo card isn’t like other bingo cards, there’s only 10 numbers and a couple of lines.

Prize structure

In its rawest form, organising 50-ball prizes is easy. With only two wins per round, it’s usually just a small prize for the one-line winner, and then a jackpot for the full house.

Mix it up

If playing fast-paced bingo isn’t enough, you could do what some online rooms do and limit the amount of balls to between 15 and 20 calls per round, and have an accumulator running. For example, if 10 people played for 10p per round and 30% went to the one-line win, the other 70p towards the jackpot, for every round without a winner, there will be more in the next pots: double or triple-value prizes.

50-ball bingo card design

With only two rows with five numbers on each row, the 50-ball bingo card is one of the leanest. There’s no gaps, and your 10 numbers are laid out randomly. Unlike other bingo cards, there’s no logical order to help you find them quickly, so when the caller starts, your brain has to work harder. It’s a bit like doing a number crossword puzzle, but you’re on a timer. Yikes!

Get some 50-ball bingo practise

If you plan to play 50-ball on a gaming site, there might be an auto-dabber function, but it’s more fun this way and it’ll give you some practice first. If you really want to step things up, you can adjust the speed on the caller machine, like rapid-fire bingo rounds.

an impression of the design for the 50 ball bingo card

Print 50-ball bingo cards in minutes

By now you’re probably raring to go and thinking about the little treats you can buy with your winnings. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to print off your new 50-ball bingo cards, all you need to do is find out what colour cards everyone wants. Or if you’re playing alone, then you’re almost done.

First, choose a colour

You’ve got a choice of colours: green, red, orange, blue, yellow, dark blue and violet. Although you can print off more whenever you like, it’s handy to get an idea how many games you think you’ll be playing (faffing with a printer when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself isn’t fun). If you don’t want to use colour because your printer is out of ink, then just set to print in black and white.

Next: set print dimensions

By default, if you use the pint preview function, the dimensions should be set to the standard A4 print format, and be positioned upright. If you’re unsure if your cards will print okay, print off one to inspect (and have a sneaky game first) and then make any necessary adjustments until you’re happy. You can make them as big or small as you like as long as you can see the numbers.

Finish: print your cards

By now, you should know how to play 50-ball bingo and be bursting to get started. Using the control panel below the colour options, you can hit ‘new cards’ for a new set of numbers, or hit ‘print’ to burn off the ones on screen. Just keep repeating the process until you’ve got an equal amount of coloured cards for every round and player.